Extra Murals

• An extra-mural timetable is released at the beginning of each term.
• Pupils are expected to participate in at least one extra-mural activity per term.
• We expect commitment from our pupils. Please encourage your child to see the season through.
• Pupils are required to attend all practises and matches, unless a letter with a valid excuse is given to the coach.
• Pupils are expected to be dressed in the correct sports kit for both practices and matches. If pupils are not dressed in the proper attire they will not be permitted to participate.
• No correspondence will be entered into with any parent/guardian regarding team selection. The coach’s decision is final.
• Parents are encouraged to attend extra-mural functions whenever possible.

Pupils are encouraged to participate in at least one extra mural activity per term. We offer Netball, Soccer, Softball, Hockey, Cricket, Athletics, Aerobics and Swimming during and after school hours. The college is also in the fundraising stage of building a pool on the premises.

At Highway College, we endeavour to provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our students.  The importance of eating balanced, nutritious foods is evident in increased concentration and effectiveness in the classroom.

Art & Culture
Our cultural programme includes Music, Visual Art and Arts and Culture.