Highway College’s pre-school is an integral component of our school, providing a protective, caring environment for children from 3 years of age to Grade R. Biblical values are adhered to throughout. We believe that early childhood development and education should encourage healthy spiritual growth alongside physical, emotional and intellectual development. Strong family values are upheld and church fellowship encouraged. The pre-school facility is attached to the main school and after-care facilities are provided.

Primary School
Our Primary school has one class per grade from grade 1 to 6. Our grade 1 is full but we have decided to open a second class in 2018. The individual attention afforded the pupils at this stage of their development is a major advantage.Our foundation phase teachers are enthusiastic and innovative. Pupils in the intermediate phase are taught the six core subjects as well as being encouraged to engage in cultural and sporting activities. The pupils are encouraged to develop intellectually, emotionally and spiritually.

High School
In the high school the normal range of school subjects is available. In the senior phase the 9 core subjects are taught. In the FET phase we offer interesting subjects for the entrepreneurial at heart and for career minded pupils. Biblical studies is taught as an integral component of the curriculum. Our team of educators in both the grade 7 – 9 GET phase and grade 10 -12 FET phase are enthusiastic about their subjects.

FET Subjects
English (Home Language) |  Afrikaans (First Additional Language)  |  Life Orientation  |  Mathematics or Mathematical Literacy

Core Elective 1
Physical Science  |  Visual Arts  |  Consumer Studies

Core Elective 2
Business Studies  |  Life Science  |  Tourism

Core Elective 3
History  |  Accounting  |  Information Technology